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Welcome to the Furry Friends Daycare & Boarding Rewards club.

We believe in the value of rewards. So we set up a free rewards club for our customers. Ask our receptionist for a rewards card the next time you come in and start earning right away. Each time you drop your dog off you will get your rewards card stamped. The more stamps you get the more valuable of a reward you can redeem it for. You choose which reward you would like to redeem. Once you choose the reward you will have to turn in your rewards card and you will be issued a new blank rewards card to start using. What if I bring two of my dogs to your facility? You will get a stamp for each dog every time you come. Here are your rewards:

5 Stamps= a Free tooth brushing
10 Stamps= $10 off any purchase on services only. Does not include products.
30 Stamps= a Free basic spa package
30 Stamps= a Free day of daycare
50 Stamps= 10% off your next purchase
75 Stamps= 3 Free days of daycare
100 Stamps= a Free 3 night boarding stay
150 Stamps= a Free 5 day daycare pass

Rewards program cannot be combined with any other promotion or discounts. Limit 1 reward redeemable per day per dog. Rewards can not be combined. Example you can not combine 5 cards with 10 stamps for $50 off a bill. Rewards cards are only stamped on drop off and can not be stamped at pickup. Boarding reservations do not qualify for a stamp each day a dog boards. Only 1 stamp will be given at the time of drop off for boarding reservations.